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Fooker: [To Patty, Trish, and Dexter] No, in all seriousness, I need the three of you A-sap. P.J., Dorkster, and Trish-a-rino. This is all hands on deck.
[[While Trish appears to be confused by Fooker's remarks, Patty and Dexter are clearly annoyed.]]

Ki: [Concerned] Do you need us to?
Fooker: Not you, Mamma Bear. Not with the cargo you're carryin'. [To Chris] But you, Chrissy Lou, you're comin' too.

[[Fooker begins walking away as Dex, Trish, Patty, and Chris rise to their feet.]]
Dexter: Can we at least finish our lunches first?
Fooker: You can eat 'em along the way. Then again, this one might be better handled on an empty stomach.

[[As the group walks away, Trish turns back to Chris.]]
Trish: W-well, you d-did suggest a d-distraction...
Chris: [Excitedly] I'm just thrilled I finally got a genuine Fooker appointed nickname!
[[Behind them, still seated at the table, Ki rests her chin on her steepled hands and smiles.]]

References: "P.J."
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