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[[The meeting is apparently over as Dexter, Patty, Trish, and Chris leave the room and proceed down the hall. Dex is jubilant.]]
Dexter: We're going to the Moon!
Patty: [Flatly] We've literally been orbiting the Moon for the past year.
Chris: We have to tint the windows to keep the moon shine out just so we can sleep.

Dexter: [Still excited] But we're going to actually set foot on another celestial body!
Patty: We've been visiting alternate Earths all over the place.
Trish: I g-guess th-that d-doesn't count?

Dexter: [Growing annoyed] We'll be boldly going where no man has gone before!
Patty: Well, a DOZEN men...
Trish: [Excited] B-but no WOMEN! I c-call d-dibs on b-being first!

Dexter: [Scowling] Can you PLEASE just let me have this? We've been in space all this time and I have yet to visit ONE strange new world!
Patty: [Sarcastically] Or bed a green-skinned alien space babe. We know.
[[Trish and Chris can barely contain their laughter.]]

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