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[[The group moves to another room. They gather around Euler, who stands next to several stylized space suits.]]
Euler: [To the group] I will be giving you a brief orientation on your EVA pressure suits. We use these for extended EVA activity, where simple personal force fields provide insufficient protection.

Euler: They are are lighter but more durable and flexible than the human equivalent technology. The backpack has sufficient oxygen for twelve hours of normal respiration.

Euler: [Opening the helmet and pulling on a small tube from inside] We have adapted these suits for human bodily norms. This tube provides fresh water, while there are mechanisms to deal with sweat and other bodily wastes.

[[The group begins exploring their own suits. Patty and Trish disassemble one suit. As Trish removes the torso, Patty looks down inside the legs and her eyes go wide.]]
Patty: Um... should we ask about--?
Euler: [Annoyed] No, you do not want to ask about the "weird little dongle thing in the crotch". Please ignore that vestigial piece of equipment. No further questions.

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