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[[The group begins to don their alien-provided space suits. Trish is helping Patty put on the pants of her suit while Chris stands nearby. D.C. Smythe, Alpha-Duck, and May James are also near.]]
Dexter: [To the visitors from other universes] I guess traveling to the Moon is probably old hat for adventurers like you...
Speck: Not really. For a superhero, I tend to stay mostly earthbound.

May James: [Enthusiastically] June's been to the Moon!
June James: [Sheepishly] Well, it was just that one time, as a favor to NASA. I didn't think I could teleport that far...
April James: [Teasing] I call her June the Moon Goon.
[[Their elder sister, August James, lets a smirk slip.]]

Chris: [To Smythe and Valerie Smith] I don't suppose you two have been to the Moon in your universe?
Smythe: [Dryly] That's... classified.
Smith: [Pretending to whisper] You can take that as a "yes".

Alpha-Duck: [With a conceited grin] One time, Omega Mallard and I had to stop Gamma Gander from pulling the Moon out of orbit, but that's as close as we got.
Speck: [Sneering] Now you're just showing off.
[[Trish eyes the squabbling heroes warily.]]

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