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[[The scene shifts to the lunar surface. Craters large and small pockmark the landscape. At the base of one large crater, two small figures and a rectangular sled fade into existence.]]

[[Patty begins unpacking the miner bots from the cargo sled as Dexter surveys the landscape.]]
Dexter: Cool. Right next to a crater. Should be plenty of ejecta to collect.
Patty: Guess we start putting these little guys to work.

[[Patty kneels to set a bot on the surface.]]
Patty: Any sign of the others?
Dexter: Nope. Nick said we'd be pretty scattered across the far side. Probably nobody for miles.

Patty: Then I guess it wouldn't hurt if I asked what Trish is so anxious to talk about?
Dexter: [Shrugs] Beats me. I was hoping YOU could tell ME.

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