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[[Elsewhere on the lunar surface, Trish and Chris are wrangling their small army of minor bots. As the little devices swarm and crawl through the regolith, Chris stands in front of the cargo sled with her hands on her hips, while Trish crouches down to get a closer look. Chris is smiling, but Trish seems worried.]]
Chris: Wow! Look at those little guys go! You can hardly even tell where they've been!

Trish: N-Nick did s-say he w-wanted to leave as f-few t-traces as p-possible.
Chris: True. And I don't see anyone for miles. Feels like we're all alone out here.

Chris: [Turning to Trish and looking concerned, but still smiling] So... at the risk of sounding nosy, do you mind if I ask what you wanted to talk to Dex about?
Trish: [Closing her eyes] N-no, i-it's OK. J-just... d-don't tell him or P-Patty.

Trish: [Looking toward Chris and the reader] I've g-given it a l-lot of th-thought, and... I-I'm b-breaking up with D-Dex.

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