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Chris: [Surprised] Breaking up with Dex? Where did THIS come from?
Trish: I-it's s-something I've b-been th-thinking about f-for a w-while.

Trish: Th-that f-first mission we w-went on t-together, w-where D-Dex and P-Patty f-fought so much... I only k-kissed D-Dex because I f-felt s-sorry for him.

Trish: H-he was upset with P-Patty, and I-I d-didn't m-mean to c-come between them. B-but I've had a c-crush on him f-for a w-while, and I s-saw an op-portunity.

Trish: I-I've f-felt g-guilty ever s-since. I th-thought this s-sharing idea m-might b-be a w-way to resolve th-things, but D-Dex has b-been so n-nice, and n-nothing s-seams to m-move f-forward.

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