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[[As they move the sifted regolith from the "miner bots" to the cargo sled, Trish and Chris continue their conversation about Trish's relationship with Dexter.]]
Trish: It s-seems like w-we're s-stuck in th-this endless l-loop. P-Patty and I d-don't want to hurt D-Dex or anger each other, and h-he d-doesn't want to hurt either of us.

Chris: Have you discussed any of this with Dex?
Trish: N-not yet. Th-that's w-what I was h-hoping to t-talk about t-tonight.

Chris: Trish, you can't leave him hanging like this. You're only going to devastate him and break his heart.
Trish: I d-don't th-think so.

Trish: [With a weak smile] I h-have a h-hunch w-where his h-heart R-REALLY lies, and if I j-just g-get out of th-the w-way, m-maybe he'll s-see the s-same thing I do...

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