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[[The scene shifts back to Patty and Dexter, who are loading sifted regolith into the cargo sled.]]
Patty: Trish has kept fairly silent on whatever this "thing" is that she wants to talk to you about. I'm not privy to what's going on inside her head.

Patty: [Looking slightly sad] Then again, we haven't talked much lately anyway, which really says something since we're roommates. Lately, it's been the bare minimum of pleasantries.

Dexter: [Worried] I thought you two had completely made up and were best buddies now.
Patty: I wouldn't say we've ever been "best buddies", but we were doing well enough until... you know...

Dexter: [Looking determined] Until *I* became a "problem. That settles things, then. If my mind wasn't made up before, it certain is NOW.
[[Patty raises an eyebrow.]]

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