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Patty: [Mildly concerned] You're not a "problem" between us, Dex. If there's a "problem", it's either her or me. Besides, we're big girls. We can work this out without dragging you into it.

Dexter: [Annoyed] OK, if I'm NOT the "problem", what was the last thing you two argued about that WASN'T related to me?
Patty: [Anxiously thinking] Uh... well...

Dexter: You don't remember because you haven't fought over anything else in months. See? Me equals problem.
Patty: [Frustrated] Sheesh, Dex! I just said you WEREN'T the problem!

Patty: [Relaxing] Just be patient, OK? Trish and I will resolve this soon enough.
Dexter: No, you won't. Things are only going to get worse. Fortunately, I have a solution.

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