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Patty: [Frantic] Y-you can't break up with Trish!
Dexter: [Frustrated] Why not? And why should YOU care? That would get rid of the competition.

Patty: I couldn't care less about some "competition"! Trish WORSHIPS you! You can see it in those big, stupid doe eyes of hers! If you break it off, it'll CRUSH her!

Patty: [Turning away, worried] If there's anyone you should break up with, it's ME. All WE ever do is argue. I'm always sarcastic and snapping at you. Trust me, you'd be much better off with her than me.

Dexter: [Smiling] Building her up while putting yourself down. And here I thought you said you WEREN'T "best buddies".
Patty: [Sheepishly] Believe me, no one is more surprised by that rant than me.

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