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Dexter: [Tending to one of the miner bots as Patty watches] I'm not going to crush Trish if I break up with her. In fact, if my hunch is right, I think I might know what she wanted to say to me. SHE was going to break up with ME first.

Patty: W-what? Why the heck would she do THAT?
Dexter: To get herself out of the way. To free me up to concentrate on what I REALLY want.

Dexter: Trish felt sorry for me when you and I fought so much, and I didn't feel like fighting anymore. But I was wrong. I took the easy way out. Now I know what's worth fighting for.

[[He leans in closer to Patty until they are face plate to face plate.]]
Dexter: You. YOU are worth fighting for.

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