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Patty: [Overwhelmed] D-Dex... I-I...
Dexter: [Placing a finger on Patty's face plate right above her lips] No interrupting. For once, you're going to shut up and let me finish.

Dexter: I LIKE Trish. I really do. She's sweet, caring, and imaginative, and one day she's going to make someone very happy. But she isn't you. YOU'RE the one I care about.

Dexter: You're sarcastic and snippy, and you're your own worst critic. But you have a good heart. You say what's on your mind, not out of spite, but because you care.

Dexter: Yeah, you have flaws, and you'd be the first person to point them out. But I have flaws too, and you make me a better person. And I think I'm at my best when I'm with you.

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