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[[The scene shifts back to Trish and Chris. The two are in the middle of dumping ore from a pair of mining bots into their cargo sled.]]
Chris: [Concerned] So YOU think Dex and Patty belong together?
Trish: [Smiling] Y-yes! He AD-DORES her! I-I th-think it's w-what they b-both r-really want.

Chris: But what about YOU? You're just going to step aside? What about YOUR feelings?
Trish: I-I'll b-be OK. Th-the r-right p-person is out there. I-I'll f-find him eventually.

[[Trish turns and places her bot back down on the surface. Chris, still looking worried, seems lost in thought.]]

Chris: [Turning back to Trish] What if... "he" turns out to be... a "she"?
[[Trish freezes in place, taken by surprise.]]

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