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Trish: [Mildly confused] W-what do you m-mean?
Chris: [Tentative] Uh... you know... what if... "Mister Right" turned out to be a "Miss"...?

Trish: [Contemplative] Oh... um, w-well... I... g-guess I've n-never th-thought about th-that. I've only d-dated g-guys... n-not that I've d-dated all th-that much to b-begin with...

Trish: I m-mean, I kn-now s-some g-girls are at-t-tractive. I th-think K-Ki and Sh-Sharon are p-pretty. I w-wish I c-could look as g-good as th-them. But I w-wouldn't d-date them.

Trish: [Smiling] F-for s-starters, th-they're b-both m-married...
Chris: [Sheepishly grinning] I guess what I'm saying is... have you ever thought about, you know, playing for the other team...?

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