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Trish: [Nervously] I-I d-don't kn-know... I d-don't kn-know the f-first th-thing about d-dating another w-woman...
Chris: [Smiling] I've found it's less "male vs. female" and more "this is someone I really like".

Trish: D-did you d-date any g-guys b-before... y-you know...?
Chris: [Sheepishly] A few, but none of them are worth mentioning, aside from being the main reason I "switched teams".

Trish: I-I d-don't even kn-know w-where to s-start...
Chris: At the beginning, like any other relationship. I prefer to be friends first, and see if things turn interesting from there.

Trish: [With a weak smile] W-well, w-we ARE f-friends...
Chris: And I already find you interesting. Everything from here on out is the same old adventure, just in a slightly different direction.

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