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[[Dexter and Patty are still in their embrace from the previous strip, with Patty suspended in the air, hanging off of Dexter's neck. Now aware that Trish and Chris are watching them, they look sheepishly at the two smiling women.]]
Patty: Oh, uh, Trish, Chris... we, uh, didn't see you there...
Chris: [Slyly] I wonder why...

Dexter: [Concerned] Um, Trish, about that talk...
Trish: I-it's OK, D-Dex. I th-think you've already f-figured out w-what I w-was g-going to s-say. I'm h-happy for b-both of you.

[[Dexter sets Patty down on her own feet.]]
Patty: [To Trish] So... we're good? You're not...?
Trish: N-no. E-everything is e-exactly w-what I w-was h-hoping for.

[[Trish and Chris turn and walk away, joining hands and sharing smiling glance as they do.]]
Trish: [Looking to Chris] And m-maybe e-even b-better...
[[Dexter and Patty are both surprised by the sight.]]
Dexter: I have to admit, I did NOT see THAT coming...

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