General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[This strip consists of a single, wide panel. We see an alien landscape. In the distance, there are towering, oddly shaped building, suggesting a sufficiently advanced civilization. However, many of the buildings are crumbling and burning. Great plumes of smoke rise from the city, darkening the sky. In the foreground, several alien bodies lie prone on the ground, likely dead. As we pan across the scene, several more individuals of the same alien race are marched before armed warriors of another species. Behind them is a battalion of familiar alien "walkers" and "tanks" that we've seen before. As if in confirmation, a fleet of Physaric living "ships" fills the sky, advancing upon the city. Over this scene a telepathic broadcast is made:]]
Telepathic voice: Inform the master that the operation is complete. We have located the artifact.

References: The Physarics; Various alien species under Physaric control: (1) (2)
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