General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Elsewhere, the Physaric invasion moves deeper into the alien city. As a "walker" strides past, a Physaric-controlled "solider" stands next to one of the alien natives in front of a large, temple-like structure. The exterior of the building is ornately decorated with elaborate yet ancient carvings. The deeply recessed entrance appears to be sealed shut.]]

[[Our view shifts to zoom in and focus on the native and its captor. The native is wounded and missing an arm. The captor levels its weapon at the native. It issues a telepathic directive:]]
Captor alien: The master will be arriving shortly. Open the tomb.

[[As we zoom in further, we can now see that the captive alien also has a Physaric perched on its neck, implying that it too is under Physaric control. Even so, the native captive does not move. The two Physarics continue their conversation.]]
"Captive" Physaric: The creature resists. It is difficult to control. It is terrified of whatever lies within.
"Captor" Physaric: The master will not tolerate excuses.

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