General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[As the native alien and its captor, both of which are under Physaric control, stand before the ancient temple, a third alien lumbers into view. It is large and bulbous, and it sports a "mouth" that looks more like a window into its innards. Unlike the Physaric controlled aliens who speak telepathically, this one speaks out loud, although with a nagging cough.]]
"Window" Alien: Cough... what's the hold up?
"Captive" Physaric: This creature is resisting. It is terrified to open the tomb.

[[We zoom in slightly on the "captive" alien. As it speaks telepathically, we can see the round door to the "tomb" sealed behind it.]]
"Captive" Physaric: I can read the inscriptions through its eyes. It states that a great evil lies within that must not be disturbed.

[[The lumbering "window" alien comes to a stop. A vaguely humanoid shape is visible inside it.]]
"Window" Alien: Yeah, we--cough--KNOW that. That's the whole reason we're--cough--here. Now get to work disturbing it.
"Captive" Physaric: The creature would rather die than violate the seal.

[[We finally zoom in close enough on the "window" alien to see the shape inside it. It is none other than "Nega-Nick", "wearing" the alien like an environmental suit. His appearance is haggard. His eyes are sunken in with heavy bags underneath them. The alien's inner tendrils wind around him, holding him in place.]]
Nega-Nick: [Scowling] Cough... I don't give a rat's @$$ what it thinks. Cough... if it won't open the door, find another one that will. Either that, or bring the whole building down.

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