General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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"Captive" Physaric: I will attempt to exert a tighter physical control over this creature.
Nega-Nick: You--cough, cough--you do that.
[[A voice from behind Nega-Nick speaks out loud, rather than telepathically.]]
Voice: Master...

[[Another Physaric slithers its way along the outside of the "space suit" alien until it is within line of sight of Nega-Nick.]]
Physaric: Your condition is worsening. I know being inside this creature protects you from the harmful atmosphere of this planet, but--
Nega-Nick: Not--cough--now, Sparky.

Sparky: But Master, your health is deteriorating faster than anticipated. You should remain within the safe confines of the ship.
Nega-Nick: [Scowling while looking aside toward "Sparky"] I SAID--cough--not now.

Nega-Nick: I don't need a lecture from YOU. You're--cough--NOT my nanny. I'm not hiding under the--cough--bed covers when I'm this close...

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