General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Nega-Nick and the captured alien step into the ancient temple. The interior is dark and foreboding. They stop before some unseen object just out of frame.]]
Nega-Nick: Get a--cough--"tank" and a couple "walkers" over here to haul it back to the ship.
"Captive" Physaric: At once, Master.

Sparky: THAT is what we came here for? It doesn't seem very impressive to me...
Nega-Nick: That's because you're--cough--just marginally less stupid than the others, Sparky.

Nega-Nick: [With a wicked smile] It's been sitting here for millennia, and these pathetic peons thought they were--cough--PROTECTING it. They didn't have the slightest idea what horrors they were sitting on.

[[He reaches down and places his hand, or rather, the hand of his alien "containment suit", on the object. We cannot see much of it; only a flat yet jagged surface.]]
Nega-Nick: This had better be worth it.
{{End Prologue}}

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