General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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{{Chapter One}}
[[Our view is from outside a port hole of the Grey ship. Inside we see Dwayne and Fooker. Dwayne leans in, gazing out the view port with a broad smile on his face. Behind him, Fooker stands calmly holding a drink. Reflected in the transparent "glass" of the window is the crescent Moon, around which the ship currently orbits.]]
Dwayne: [In awe] No matter how often I look at it, that sight never gets old...
Fooker: Try starin' at nothin' else for a whole stinkin' year, Chief.

[[We transition to inside the ship. Dwayne and Fooker are in the foreground, while in the background we see Nick seated at a desk and perusing a tablet.]]
Fooker: Personally, I'm gettin' tired of the universe mooning me every morning...
Dwayne: [With a dark smile] Ha. Good one.
Nick: [Flatly] Stopped being funny for me about nine months ago.

Dwayne: [Straightening up] I'm amazed you've all been so diligent and dedicated for so long. Not that I'd expect anything less, given who's involved.
Fooker: [Taking a sip] Working hard or hardly working, that's us.

[[We close in on Nick, who holds up the tablet, gesturing toward it.]]
Nick: Well, it's about time that dedication finally paid off. The last batch of simulations are in. We're good to go.

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