General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Dwayne: [Excited] So it's going to work? Bringing back the Earth?
Fooker: And it only took a billion simulations to confirm it.
Nick: 46,656 to be precise, but I did want to be thorough.

Nick: [Checking his tablet] I give us an 84% probability of successfully returning the Earth and placing it in a close approximation of its original orbit.
Dwayne: [Concerned] A... close approximation?

Nick: Well, the Solar System has had a year to adjust to a missing planet. It will never be perfect.
Fooker: [Raising an eyebrow] Sounds to me like it's at least 16% imperfect already.

Nick: There's a 12% chance of an unintentional game of interplanetary billiards.
Dwayne: I'm afraid to ask about the last 4%...
Nick: Let's just lump that collectively under "boom".

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