General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Dwayne: [Worried] I'm not sure I like those odds...
Fooker: We're never gonna get 100%, Chief. And if you ask me, Nick's worked miracles getting us this close already.

Nick: [Concerned] I wouldn't call them miracles, but we've been very, very fortunate. We've worked hard, but we also got very lucky. What started out as an impossible task is now without our grasp.

Nick: [Walking away from the others] I've calculated the ideal point to open the portal and insert the planet back into its orbit. For those on the ground, it will seem like nothing ever happened.

[[He steps back to the window and leans against it, gazing at the Moon hanging just outside.]]
Nick: In a couple days, hours, and minutes, everyone will be back home. Nicole, Sydney, my parents, Tim and Scott... everything should be back to normal.

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