General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Doctor Melanie Granger re-enters the examination room and stands at the side of Ki's bed opposite Sharon and Trudy.]]
Granger: [To Ki] I want to keep you here, if I can. Those "false labor" pains are concerning me, and your small stature could be an issue. We may be forced to do a Cesarean.

Sharon: Where's Nick? I thought he wanted to be here for check-ups.
Ki: He did, but we reluctantly agreed that he needs to focus on bringing back the Earth. Two lives versus seven billion.

[[Sharon grins broadly, then grabs a reluctant Trudy around the shoulder and squeezes her to her side.]]
Sharon: Well, he can rest easy, because I'm not leaving my best friend's side. You can count on us to be your midwife sisters!
Trudy: [Annoyed] Oh, joy. How thrilling.

Granger: [With a dry smile] You're perfectly welcome to help Ki in any way that you can. Just stay out of my and Avogadro's way if I give you an order.
[[Sharon snaps to attention and gives a mock salute, nearly elbowing Trudy in the face in the process.]]
Sharon: Aye, aye, Doctor!

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