General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Doctor Melanie Granger walks out of frame, while Trudy falls back and leans against the doorway in the background, seemingly lost in thought. We focus in on Ki and Sharon, who continue their conversation.]]
Sharon: I still can't believe you and Nick are going to be parents soon! You must be excited!
Ki: I think you're more excited than I am.

Sharon: Don't tell Fooker, but I think I'm a little jealous...
Ki: Oh, I totally understand. You weren't really around when Nicole was pregnant. But I take it Fooker is still anti-kids?

Sharon: We've... talked about it. But I think there's a part of him that's still worried he'll turn into his father. He acts all tough, but he's genuinely scared he'll scar them like he's been.

Sharon: Then again, we'll all be home soon, the Colonel will get locked away for his crimes, and maybe THEN Fooker can finally relax and we can REALLY plan for the future...
[[Trudy, still eavesdropping, reacts to Sharon's comments with an obviously unpleasant expression.]]

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