General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Trudy makes her way through the busy room, eavesdropping on conversations as she walks past. Mike Mark Morrison and an unnamed Grey drone appear to be directing August James on where to place a rather large piece of equipment that she is currently holding over her head.]]
Mike: [Gesturing in one direction] Just set that down over here...
Grey: [Pointing in the opposite direction] The conduit will not reach that far. It must go over there.
August: [Frustrated] Look, guys, super strength does not always mean super endurance...

[[Trudy walks past D.C. Smythe and Justin Barker, who appear to be in a different conversation.]]
Smythe: We can then use the Greys' teleporter to beam the retreating Physarics aboard and to a safe location.
Justin: Good thinking. I know exactly who can organize that on the ground.

[[Trudy looks the opposite direction, where the Inexplicable Speck! and May James are standing. The Speck! is holding a small, handheld piece of equipment.]]
Speck: May, can you take this down to Fibonacci in the MUTEX lab so he can plug it into the system and make sure it works, please?
May: [Looking comically serious and snapping to a mock salute] Leave it to me, Doctor Flea!

[[Trudy continues her trek, passing her father, Victor Glowerhausen, who is talking to Smythe's partner, Valerie Smith.]]
Victor: I must say, you have done a splendid job organizing this checklist, Ms. Smith.
Valerie: Thanks, Victor. It went much faster thanks to you collecting all the data.

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