General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Dexter, Patty, Trish and Chris are in the middle of their own conversation. They all appear to be excited and happy.]]
Dexter: Just think... in a couple of days, we'll finally be back home!
Trish: I-I c-can't w-wait to s-sleep in m-my own b-bed for the f-first t-time in a y-year...

Dexter: [Leaning in closer to Patty and waggling his eyebrows] Who says we have to sleep in our OWN beds?
Patty: [With a mischievous smile] I do... at least until I can get the bed frame reinforced.
Trish: [Embarrassed] P-PATTY!

Chris: [To Trish] Is it wrong that I keep thinking of all the different cosplays we can do together? If you can sew them, I can come up with the props...
Trish: I-I h-have a f-few ideas...

Dexter: Maybe Patty and I can join you guys!
Patty: [Annoyed] Only if I can be the normal human kidnapped by whatever strange weirdos you're supposed to be...

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