General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Chris and Trish turn back toward the door as three new arrivals enter. Alpha-Duck and June and April James walk in, each carrying boxes full of unidentified items. The two human girls seem to struggle with their loads, while the superhero duck casually puts his on his shoulder.]]
Alpha-Duck: [To Dexter, Patty, Trish, and Chris] I'm glad YOU guys are having fun planning for the future. Personally I'm just hoping we HAVE a future...
April: I'm with Feathers. Just how is it WE'RE supposed to get home?

June: [Authoritatively] According to Mister Wellington, returning this universe's Earth should restore the cosmic balance and we could just "snap back" to our home universes.
Alpha-Duck: [Eyeing April with annoyance] "Feathers"?

April: [Suspiciously] "Should" and "could" sound pretty wishy-washy to me.
June: [Apologetically] Well, we did kind of fall through a hole in space-time. We could fall back, or we could be stuck here in perpetuity.

Alpha-Duck: [Glaring at April] Well, it better be the former, 'cause I have no intention of being stuck here with some snot-nosed primate brat who doesn't respect her elders.
April: [Under her breath] Game old bird...

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