General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Our focus shifts back to the Grey assisting August James and Mike Mark Morrison. Planck enters, with Fred, Persephone, and Socrates riding on his shoulders.]]
Planck: [To the Grey] Ah, Josephson! Did you get that new equipment installed?
Josephson: It is almost ready, Planck. Ms. James and Mr. Morrison are putting it into place.

Planck: [Excitedly] Excellent! Once that's hooked up, every processing node will be online!
Socrates: Distributing them across the ship so they don't overload any one circuit was a stroke of genius.

Persephone: Careful, Socrates. You don't want to give Planck a swelled head.
Fred: If you ask me, his noggin looks pretty swollen already.
Planck: Jest all you want, Fred...

Planck: But as the duly elected second-in-command of the new Independent Grey Collective, I take my responsibilities very seriously.
Fred: Duly elected? I thought you staged a coup...

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