General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[An angry, mildly frantic voice comes over the intercom and interrupts all conversations in the room.]]
Pi: [Over the intercom] Bridge to Planck! Where the gnarf are you?
Planck: [Looking up at the ceiling, mildly concerned] Pi?

[[Planck steps over to the wall and presses a button.]]
Planck: Planck here. I'm in research lab LXR-18.
Pi: Get your gluteal fold up here immediately!
Patty: [Nearby, overhearing the exchange] See? What did I tell you? Disaster. Doubled.

Planck: [Turning to Patty] Now, don't get too worked up, Miss Patty! You know how Pi is! He's always screaming at me for something. I'm sure I just forgot to do something trivial.

Pi: And bring Nick with you! This is an emergency!
[[Planck begins to look worried.]]
Patty: You forgot to put out the "never tempt the trope gods" sign, that's what...

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