General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Planck, Nick, Dwayne, and Fooker arrive on the ship's bridge.]]
Planck: Pi! I have Nick!
Nick: What's going on?
Pi: [To Muon, who is seated at one of the ship's control boards] Muon, go ahead and repeat what you just told me.

Muon: A short while a go, we received a distress call from one of our research colonies on a moon orbiting Mu Arae b. They said they were under attack. Then the call went silent.

Muon: [Turning to face the newcomers] We just received another call from Gliese 180 c. They too are under attack. The Seventh Fleet has been dispatched to investigate.

Nick: [Grimly] The Grand Protuberance.
Fooker: [To Pi] Any idea who's attacking?
Pi: Nothing has been confirmed. The transmissions were garbled. But I do believe they mentioned Physarics.

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