General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Dwayne: [To Nick] I thought you said the Greys and Physarics had a truce...
Nick: They do, and as far as we know, both sides have officially honored it. But there IS a splinter faction...

Planck: [Confused] "Splinter faction"?
Nick: We have reason to believe a fraction of the Physarics are under the control of an old adversary of ours and are acting independent of the Syncytium.

Pi: [Skeptical] And you have evidence to support this theory?
Nick: Of a sort, although I would understand if you'd find it far-fetched. But I'd wager it's them attacking, not the "main" collective.

Planck: [To Pi] What are we going to do, Pi? I know we're all independent from the Hierarchy now, but they're still our brothers. And if we have information they don't...
Pi: [Uncertain] I... know...

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