General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Grey Drone: Captain, we are being hailed by the Protuberance's flagship.
Pi: Euler, did we manage to get the psychic shielding in place?
Euler: Yes, but it remains untested.

Dwayne: Psychic shielding?
Planck: A ship-wide equivalent to the sensor net "hats" we used during the mutiny. If it works, it should keep the Protuberance from asserting control over us.

Planck: The Skaboolas and the Protuberances have a sphere of influence with a set radius. Usually, the Skaboolas control individual ships, while the Protuberances control the Skaboolas.

Planck: Of course, the psychic shield hasn't been tested, since the Skaboola is inertia-locked in the cargo hold.
Pi: If it doesn't work, just being here could end our mutiny pretty quickly.

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