General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Grand Protuberance: [Over the comm channel] Most amusing. I demand you explain your presence here.
Pi: [Flatly] We received a distress call from the colony and came to assist.
Planck: [Defiantly] We may be may be independent, but we're still Greys!

Protuberance: Your "assistance" is superfluous. We will make short work of these invaders.
Nick: I beg to disagree. Your ships have taken heavy damage because you're fighting on two fronts.

Protuberance: A tactical analysis did reveal that some Physaric ships were attacking others. However, we have observed this discontinuity before. It is of little consequence.
[[Socrates, still perched on Planck's shoulder, places his "hand" up to his "head" as if listening to something. Those around him take notice.]]
Persephone: Socrates?

[[Socrates straightens and "faces" the Protuberance's hologram.]]
Socrates: If I may interject, Grand Protuberance, that "discontinuity" is of greater consequence than you realize. One of your "opponents" would like to open a dialog.

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