General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Dwayne: Socrates? What's going on?
Socrates: It's Plato. Fred, do you remember him? You met him when you came aboard our ship.
Fred: Vaguely...

Socrates: As soon as we came into range, he sensed my presence and contacted me telepathically. The syncytium aboard his ship has authorized me to speak on their behalf.

Socrates: [To the Grand Protuberance] The ships that are attacking your colony are no longer part of the main "collective". Those that are came here to stop them.
Protuberance: [Angrily] Then order them to cease their attack.

Socrates: We... can't. All communication with the "renegade" ships has been cut off. Any attempt to contact them telepathically may result in more ships becoming "tainted" as well.

References: Plato
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