General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Our view moves out into the vacuum of space. A space battle rages as Physaric ships and Grey ships exchange fire in a chaotic, multi-layered mosaic. At least one Grey ship explodes in a massive fireball.]]

[[We zoom in on two Physaric ships. One swoops into a dive toward the other. As it does, a stream of viscous fluid is excreted from its underbelly, floating toward the other ship.]]

[[The attack continues. The stream of fluid strikes the other ship and sticks to it, flowing over and coating its exterior.]]

[[The attacking Physaric ship pulls away, leaving the attacked ship coated in the mysterious goo. Behind these two ships, we see more pairs of Physaric ships in a similar dance, with one ship "marking" the other in fluid.]]

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