General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Socrates begins to explain to everyone on the bridge (as well as the Grand Protuberance via the comm channel) exactly what the "clean" Physaric ships are doing to the "renegades".]]
Socrates: Ordinarily, our "ships" are very efficient, self-contained creatures. They eat little, digest slowly, and recycle most of their waste, so they produce very few natural secretions.

Socrates: However, they do have the ability to jettison the contents of their "stomachs" as a defense mechanism to deter predators. Usually, we tightly control that reflex.

Socrates: That said, if that excretion can be directed, the sticky bile will cling to whatever it hits. It would take hours of scouring against asteroids to remove it.

Fooker: So what you're saying is we're saving the day by projectile barfing on the bad guys.
Socrates: Um... more or less...
[[Nick gives Fooker a pointed glare.]]

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