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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Nick turns back the Grand Protuberance's hologram.]]
Nick: Grand Protuberance, if you can direct your forces to fire only on the marked ships...
Protuberance: The command has already been given.

Grey Drone: [Checking the ship's sensors] Confirmed. The Seventh Fleet vessels are now only targeting the marked Physaric ships.
Planck: [Excitedly] Yes! The tide has turned!

Fooker: [To Nick and Dwayne] With the Greys and Molds joining forces, they'll make short work of those renegades.
Dwayne: Yes, but that won't get us any closer to confirming our suspicions about their "boss".

Nick: True, but for the moment, that's secondary to helping the Greys defend their colony. If we can win over the Protuberance, we'll have acquired a valuable ally.

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