General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[A narration box reads: "After several intense minutes of fighting..." Our view pulls back to encompass much of the bridge. In addition to several Greys seated at the controls, Pi sits in the command chair, flanked by Dwayne, Planck, Nick, and Fooker.]]
Grey Drone: The last of the "renegade" Physaric ships have been destroyed. No apparently survivors. All remaining ships are standing down.

[[We focus on Nick and the looming hologram of the Grand Protuberance. The Protuberance is clearly annoyed that his fleet required assistance to defeat the enemy.]]
Protuberance: [Grimly] Our colony has been secured. It appears we are again in your debt, Wellington.
Nick: Not OUR debt, your bulbousness. It was the "true" Physarics that came to your rescue.

Protuberance: So it seems, although I would not have considered that option without your input. How then are we to repay this deficit?
Nick: Well, if you're open to discussion...

Nick: [Grimly] There is a matter that affects all three of us: humans, Greys, and Physarics. These "renegades" didn't come out of nowhere. We'd like to discuss an alliance.

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