General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Grand Protuberance: [Narrowing his eyes] Our truce was tenuous at best. Now you are proposing an outright alliance? You may be overestimating our gratitude for this mild service.

Nick: On the contrary, we have a common enemy, one that seeks to dominate the Physarics, use them to destroy the Greys, and wipe out the humans' chances of returning home.

Nick: Right now, neither you nor the Physarics know who you're facing. We don't have the power to fight him alone. However, together we can provide a united front.

Protuberance: Very well. Gather your representatives and we will discuss this proposal. We will beam you aboard my flagship in 240,000 ganadans.
[[The Protuberance's hologram unceremoniously disappears. A narration box reads "End Chapter Two".]]

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