General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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{{Chapter Three}}

[[A Grey voice announces over the ship's intercom as we see various scenes from around the ship.]]
Announcement: Attention all hands! Negotiation talks will begin in approximately 120,000 ganadans, or 30 Earth minutes! The conference will be broadcast on intra-ship channel Delta 6!
[[Several Grey drones stop in the middle of their assigned tasks to listen to the announcement.]]

Announcement: All crew members are invited to observe, but the broadcast will be viewing only. Only observers in the designated conference room will be able to contact our delegation.
[[We see Trudy, Dexter, Patty, Justin, and Trish enter a conference room.]]

Announcement: All Greys should keep their telepathy-blocking caps ready for immediate deployment. All non-essential personnel should remain in their cabins and keep the halls clear.
[[Two Grey drones dash through a hallway in a panic, one carrying his sensor-net cap while the other dons his. Behind them, we see Gabrielle duck into another room to clear the hall.]]

Announcement: Negotiation delegation, please report to teleport chamber Sigma 12 for immediate beam-over.
[[In the infirmary, Nick and Ki steal a quick good-luck kiss as a bemused Sharon smiles in the background.]]

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