General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Our scene shifts to Pi and Planck. Pi is wearing his telepathy-blocking sensor net "cap" while holding the tricorn admiral's hat Planck gave him shortly after the mutiny. Planck is adjusting a bandanna that is tied around his own head like a hat.]]
Pi: [Examining the hat] I don't know which is more stupid, these sensor-net caps, or the ridiculous hats we're wearing over them.
Planck: [Smiling] Well, the caps are required. The hats just make us look cool.

Pi: [Flatly] I don't see what temperature has to do with any of this.
Planck: It's an Earth idiom, silly! "Cool" means absolutely fabulous! Hip! Slick! Sick! Dope! Phat!

Pi: [Growing annoyed] Did you just call me ill, or obese? Never mind. I KNOW we need protection from the Protuberance's telepathic control. What I don't understand is... well, THIS! [He points to the tricorn hat.]

Planck: [Pointing to his own bandanna] The Big G.P. KNOWS we can block his signal, but he doesn't know HOW! These will keep our secret a secret!
Pi: [Putting on the hat] Maybe it would be better to paint a big bullseye on our craniums.

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