General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Behind our heroes, the sound of the Grey teleporter announces a new arrival. They turn to see who it is. One of the lanky, lumbering, stilt-legged aliens appears, holding two Physarics in each of its hands. Obviously, another Physaric is perched on its neck, controlling the creature. Socrates spots one of Physarics and says excitedly:]]
Socrates: Plato!

[[The alien carrying the Physarics approaches Pi and Planck so the Physarics can all speak to one another. Planck smiles at the reunion, while Pi, as usual, frowns.]]
Plato: Socrates, my brother! It is good to see you again!
Socrates: You remember Fred, of course. We have been living among the humans and Greys since we last met.
Fred: Um, hiya.

Plato: Yes, of course. It is unfortunate you did not bear the "cure" for the "tainted" as we had hoped, but I am glad to see you as well. Life among the Greys must have been... difficult.

Plato: [Spotting Persephone for the first time] And who is this? A... "sister" I do not recognize...?
Socrates: Um, yes. This is Persephone. She is Fred's--
Fred: [Cutting him off] And don't you forget it, bub.
Persephone: [Scolding] A bit possessive, my love?

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