General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Back on the "HMS Bounty", several observers watch the holovid feed as Nick, Pi, Planck, and the Molds are escorted to see the Grand Protuberance. Our initial view shows Alpha-Duck, the Inexplicable Speck!, Mike/Mark Morrison, and Chris all watching the screen.]]
Alpha-Duck: So, remind me again. Who invaded first? The goo balls or the gray baldies?
Chris: The Physarics were the invaders. The Greys were going to blow up the Earth to "save" it.

Alpha-Duck: And you guys were meat puppets for the slimes?
[[The Speck! shoots Alpha-Duck a dirty look.]]
Mike: Technically, yes, but that wasn't their original plan. In the end, we all came to an understanding, so no grudges held.

[[Behind them, D.C. Smythe, Victor Glowerhausen, and Valerie Smith also watch the feed.]]
Smythe: [Grimly] There's a lot riding on Wellington's negotiation skills. Is he up to this task?
Victor: [Flatly] He arbitrated the initial armistice. This, I'm afraid, will be a tad more challenging.

[[Beside Valerie, the James Sisters chime into the group conversation.]]
May James: [Excitedly] If anybody can do it, I'll bet Mister Nick can! He's the super-smart-iest!
June James: [Concerned] I certainly hope so. Multi-dimensional physics and interstellar diplomacy are two discrete skill sets.

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