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General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Back on the Grand Protuberance's flagship, the hospitality drone leads the human and Physaric delegations to the conference room where the Protuberance awaits them.]]
Drone: [Bowing slightly] O Grand and Glorious Protuberance Omicron, all delegates have been assembled. Shall I now begin the introductions...?
Protuberance: That is unnecessary. You are dismissed.

[[As the hospitality drone leaves, the Protuberance turns to the other delegates.]]
Protuberance: Wellington, Physarics, and... [Glaring at Pi and Planck] YOU TWO, let it be known that all I see and hear will henceforth be seen and heard by the Supreme Fu himself in the Cynosure.
[[Pi and Planck exchange uneasy glances.]]

Plato: Similarly, I, Plato, am in telepathic contact with the syncytium on our ship, which will relay everything to the Great Syncytium on our home world as well.

Nick: And every human left in this universe is listening in on the HMS Bounty. Nothing hidden, nothing omitted. Let the formal alliance talks between our three parties commence.

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