General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[The scene shifts to be brig aboard the HMS Bounty. Colonel Lionel Barker reclines in his cell, watching the holographic feed of the alliance talks. He cocks an eyebrow as he listens to the Grand Protuberance speak.]]
Protuberance: A solitary human, you say. Pray tell, is this that "Colonel Barker" who instigated our prior conflict? I thought we agreed to hand him over to you for punishment.

[[Back on the Protuberance's flagship, Nick addresses the question.]]
Nick: The Colonel remains in our custody and is not responsible for our current predicament.
[[The unnamed Physaric sharing the palm of their "conveyance" with Plato speaks up.]]
Physaric: It is still unsettling to learn that a human is behind this, given your past neutrality.

Nick: That's understandable, and believe me, no one is more unsettled about this human than I am. But I can assure you he is acting independent of, and in opposition to, us.

Nick: For that matter, I would almost say your two fleets are barely more than pawns toward achieving his objective.
Protuberance: Which is...?
Nick: More than likely, me.

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