General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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Socrates: So we'd vibrate the ship's outer skin to produce the sound inside? That could work, but our brothers would temporarily lose control of the ship and their thralls. They'd be vulnerable.

Grand Protuberance: For a time, yes. Is that not preferable to remaining a tool of this adversary?
Plato: Yes, but we would also be handing you a valuable weapon against us.

Plato: We would need assurances that the Greys will not attack the freed brothers in this vulnerable state, and that they will not use such technology against us in the future.

Grand Protuberance: [Reluctantly] For the sake of the current crisis, the Supreme Fu is amenable to such an agreement.
Fred: [As an aside to Pi] Let's hope the Big Blob isn't crossing his chubby little fingers behind his back...

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