General Protection Fault: The Entroy War

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[[Back on the HMS Bounty, the "inner circle" sits in an isolated conference room, watching the negotiations. Dexter folds his arms across his chest and grumbles:]]
Dexter: We already KNOW what "Nega-Nick" wants from us. He wants REVENGE, pure and simple. We dismantled his empire and stopped his bid for dominating OUR world.

Patty: [Flatly] He spent all that time masquerading as Nick and the only "revenge" he sought out was against Trudy... [Glancing back behind her to make eye contact] No offense.
Trudy: [Grimly] None taken. He's not out for revenge.

Trish: [Confused] H-he's n-not?
Trudy: [Quoting Nega-Nick] "I have far bigger ambitions that you can imagine," he said. "You can't see the big picture... and this picture is bigger than you can possibly imagine."

Trudy: He knows something that we don't. He's testing the waters, seeing what he can do. We're only stumbling blocks to him now, keeping him from obtaining something bigger.
[[Fooker cocks a curious eyebrow at Trudy's statements.]]

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